If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you’ve somehow heard of Glowforge — a desktop 3D Laser Printer. This magical device is empowering a new of the burgeoning maker-community — DIY Laser Cutting and Engraving But don’t take my word for it, checkout the #glowforge hashtag on Instagram or T...

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Learn how to turn any text into a cuttable shape for use on a plotter, laser cutter, or cnc machine using popular software such as Adobe Illustrator®, Inkscape, and Silhouette Studio.

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Learn how to utilize AutoDesk Fusion 360 to create three dimensional objects that can be exported in flat plains for processing on a Glowforge® Laser Cutter

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A laser cutter is a tool that’s used primarily by artists, designers, and engineers to cut and etch/engrave into flat material (such as cast acrylic, wood, and steel.

Laser Cutters are used for both prototyping and manufacturing purposes. These machines can create and focus a thin laser beam — app...

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Vector 101. Learn about what, why, and how of vector files — from their purpose, functionality, and file formats types into common software uses and some common use cases. Expand your understanding of this diverse file type.

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